Available Resources

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, there are many ways to deepen your knowledge of MathXL for School. If you're an administrator, view the training resources for administrators.

Are you using MathXL for School via EasyBridge Plus or Auto? View additional resources for EasyBridge users.

Available Resources

Videos: Explanations of some of the most commonly used features and functionality.


Tip Sheets: Detailed instructions to help you get the most out of MathXL for School.

Tip Sheets

Help System: Once you have registered and signed in to MathXL for School, be sure to look for the help resources available within the product:

  • Teachers & Students: Look for the ? symbol in the upper right corner of nearly every page for detailed information about the page you are viewing.
  • Teachers: Look for the ? symbol in the black navigation bar at the top of your screen in order to access special teacher resources.

Peer-to-Peer Assistance: Communicate with high school teachers around the country who have experience teaching with MathXL for School.

Live Online Training Sessions: Schedule a free 60-minute online training session in which you’ll be able to ask questions and view the trainer’s computer screen as the answers are explained. WebEx sessions are limited to 10 attendees to optimize the workshop experience.

Contact your Pearson School account manager to schedule a training.


On-site professional development workshop: Get the most out of your MathXL for School subscription with Pearson's on-site professional development workshop:

Transforming Teaching & Learning with MathXL for School Learn how to:

  • Integrate MathXL for School into your mathematics classroom instruction
  • Create individualized and standards-aligned homework and assessments
  • Analyze student data to guide instructional decisions

ISBN: 0000115270 Contact your local Pearson representative for more information or call Pearson Customer Service: 1-800-848-9500.


Self-Study and Training Certification: Designed to teach you how to successfully use MathXL for School to its maximum effectiveness, these courses allow you to work through online courses to better understand the program.

If you are interested in pursuing self-study or training certification for any of these courses, please fill out this form.

MTTC 101 MathXL – Beginning This self-study training course is designed to teach you how to successfully use MathXL for School from a student's perspective, as well as instruction in setting up your first MathXL for School course. You will learn about the main components of the MathXL for School management system, along with basic customization techniques.

MTTC 204 Custom Question Builder – Introduction This course will introduce participants to the Custom Question Builder (CQB). This innovative tool is available in MathXL for School, and it allows you to create your own custom exercises for use in homework assignments, quizzes, or tests. PREREQUISITE: MTTC 201 or equivalent. One or more terms of experience teaching with MathXL for School is preferred.

MTTC 304 Custom Question Builder – Advanced This course will show you more tools to use to create custom exercises in the Custom Question Builder (CQB), such as adding number lines, graphs, pie charts, bar charts, and graphics. PREREQUISITE: MTTC 204 or equivalent.